Important Reasons Why Cleaning Your Air-Conditioner Is Paramount

When you have an air conditioning system in your home it is vital that you make sure it runs at optimal performance. To do this, you need to ensure that the units are regularly serviced and cleaned. This task can be undertaken by a professional or you could opt to conduct the regular cleaning yourself. It goes without saying that a clean and well-maintained air conditioning unit is better for your health and better for your energy consumption.

When hiring a professional for the job, they would routinely visit your home to change filters, clean the units and repair any parts of the units which age over time. Repair of the unit would typically include the replacement of valves, pipes, and filters. Should your unit only require cleaning this will entail blowing out dirty or dusty filters to ensure free-flowing air through the unit.

More About Air Conditioning Units

There are two components to every air conditioning unit:


The compressor refers to the external unit. This part of your air conditioner features a heating circuit. Through the use of a built-in fan, this unit pulls excess hot air from your home and pushes it outwards.


This is the section of the unit you will see inside your home. This part of the unit creates cold air by pulling warm air into the unit and cooling it down. The cooler air is then released back into your home.

This two-part system can not only be found in air conditioning units. They are also present in other household items such as refrigerators. You need to make sure that both sides of the unit are regularly cleaned. This is because dust and dirt can clog filters and fans forcing them to run at higher speeds to give the same output. This will also result in much higher energy bills.

Additionally, not regularly cleaning your units could result in a build-up of dangers molds and bacteria. This will mean that you and your family could get sick and even end up in the hospital. Once a mould entered the body it can grow on your lungs causing you to get sick and experience trouble breathing. 

How Often Should I clean my unit?

It is highly recommended that you clean your air conditioning unit at least every six months. The filters would need to be removed and throughout washed or blown out to remove any traces of molds and bacteria. If you do not regularly make use of your unit, you can opt for having it cleaned or to clean it yourself every year.

If your unit is placed close to a door which experiences larger volumes of traffic, you need to make sure that it is cleaning more regularly. Areas of higher traffic experience an increase of particles which could enter your filtration system. It is also recommended that you service the unit or have a professional service the unit at least every year.