How to Overcome Leaking Pipe in Wall

Pipe is one of the building material that is widely used in a house, one of which is for the water channel. The way of plumbing is also diverse, one of which is in pairs inside the wall, when you install the pipe inside the wall, there are problems. One of them is the difficulty of repairing the pipe, if you are looking for information on how to deal with leaking pipes within the wall, here is the information. If you have a problem when your Pipe is Leaking and need to fix it, don’t worry, you can visit we are ready to handle your problem immediately.

This time we will discussed about tips to overcome the leaking pipe that is inside the wall. If you want to fix the pipe, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Check the Source of Leakage

First of all you have to do is to know the location of the leakage pipe, if the pipe is placed inside the wall. So to know the leak is very easy that is by finding the location of water seepage, then therein lies the leakage of the pipe.

  1. Excavation

Once the source of the leak is known, the next is to remove the pipe from within the wall. Because the pipe is inside the wall, to remove it must use a special tool that can open the surface of the wall.

  1. Checking Pipe Conditions

If the pipe is ready for you, next is to check the pipe, The function of this check is to ascertain whether the pipe is still usable or should be replaced.

  1. Process Improvement

There are two types of pipe repairs, namely by replacing the pipe, and patching the leaking pipe. Here are the explanations.

– Pipe Replacement

If the pipe is no longer usable, replace it with a new pipe. measure the length of pipe needed, make sure the new pipe size is the same as the old pipe. For replacement of this pipe should start at the connection, to facilitate us in the installation later.

– Patching Leaking Pipe

The next way is to patch the leaking pipe, this way is done if the pipe is still in good condition, and certainly can be fixed only with the process of patching it, for tutorial how to patch the leaking pipe already described in the previous article.

  1. Return of the Wall as Originally

If the process of repairing the leaking pipe inside the wall is over, return the wall as usual. use mortar, cement and sand to fix the wall.

To overcome the leaking pipe in the wall, the way is almost the same as the repair of other leaking pipe, but because the location of the pipe is inside the wall, then there are some things you should do.

Thus information on how to deal with leaking pipes within the wall, is expected with this information can add to your insight about tips to fix leaky pipes, repair leaking pipes inside the wall.

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