Glow in the dark – how to use luminescent pigments?

Glowing in the dark powder or paint gives us unusual possibilities, which are limited only by our own ideas. However, sometimes the imagination needs some artificial stimulation. That’s why in the following article I will try to present you some interesting concepts of using the glow in the dark  pigments in a real boring life.

Luminescent pigment as a sky map

There are many possibilities to usea luminescent paint and one of them is preparing a luminescent sky map. I used my own glow in the dark pigment  to paint the sky map in my children’s room. When I was a little boy, I always loved falling asleep under the open sky, so when I became a full-time mother, I decided to decorate my kids room with something special. Of course, I chose the theme from my own childhood, so painted a luminescent moon and stars. I tried to reflect the realities of the constellations but i lost.

You need to know something – my children hate to sleep when the room is bright during the night. I think it looks great, so I do not let them linger.

Glow in the dark fishing floats

Luminescent pigment is great for fishing. If you like to fish, and you have not tried it yet during the night, i really recommend it. You can paint the float for any color you want and enjoy the night “hunting” with clearly visibility of the bait. If you get some extra glow in the dark pigments (glow pigment), you can also paint the tip of the rod. With some luck, especially if you’re fishing near a nuclear power plant, you can catch glowing in the dark pike or catfish.

Romantic path to the bedroom

If you have a phosphorescent powder and also a romantic soul, you can prepare a special luminescent path directly to your bedroom.  I guarantees that your wife will enjoy it a  lot. Dinner, candles, wine and a passionate journey marked by a luminescent trail.

The glowing in the dark road will also help you with efficient evacuation, if your wife covers you with your lover.

A glowing wall behind the TV

The last thing where I used the glow in the dark pigment was the wall behind the TV. During the night movie marathons, the effect is amazing. I heard that there are TV’s that illuminate the wall by special LED lamps on the sides, but it seems to me that my option is cheaper than replacement with a different model.