Four on-trend window dressing options

Your windows can be a major feature in your home, and you can enhance them even further by using carefully selected dressings. There is a wealth of window dressing options available, from classic curtains to shutters, slatted blinds and solid or sheer drapes. The choice you make will set the tone for your home, with window treatments enabling you to add the perfect finishing touch to any room. They can also make a room warmer or let the air in if you prefer the breeze.

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This classic window dressing is a great way of keeping the light out while you are sleeping. Curtains are perhaps the most versatile of all available options; for example, you can choose to layer your curtains with a full-length, sheer curtain behind thicker curtains; you can opt for full blackout; or you can choose a length that suits your needs. Curtains are also easy to change and give you the opportunity to update a room simply by hanging a new set. Colours, fabrics and styles are varied, as are the rails and other fitting and fixtures, leading many people to opt for this type of dressing.

Roman shades

Roman shades have become a rather classic choice in recent years, with the many different colours available ensuring that they can be used in just about every room. These shades also bring a certain softness to a window and you can choose how much light you would like to let in by opening them a little at a time.

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Bamboo blinds

If the au natural look is what you are after, bamboo blinds are ideal. They add texture to a neutral colour palette and look fresh and natural. They are also a great option if you prefer having privacy but want a little fresh air, as they let you leave your tilt and turn windows from companies such as open as wide as you desire.

Sheer drapes

Not quite the same as curtains, sheer drapes allow you to let light in while maintaining a level of privacy. These dressings are ideal for light and airy spaces where you don’t need the full coverage of curtains but still want to create some sort of barrier. Organza, chiffon and voile are popular fabric choices for drapes and are easy and light to hang.