Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets to Choose From

Looking to renew the look of your kitchen without ruining your checking account? There are two affordable options available to homeowners: prefabricated cabinets and semi-prefabricated Kitchen Cabinets. Below is a list of the possibilities most installers provide.

Wood cabinets in a nutshell

Wood cabinets are perfect options, especially since they can last decades. Well-maintained, solid wood cabinets are the most durable. They give a rich and warm aspect incomparable. It is generally considered that with this type of cabinet, the resale value of a house increases.

There are disadvantages to consider, however. One major issue may be the possible warpage of panels exposed to excess moisture.

Veneered wood

Veneered wood is much less expensive than solid wood. Veneer cabinets imitate the appearance of multiple wood species, and its support is less likely to warp. In addition to all this, it can be easily repaired. However, depending on the quality of manufacture, veneer cabinets may peel or crack.

Natural wood

Natural wood has a beautifully natural appearance and a wide choice of grains and hues, depending on the species. A urethane finish will protect the cabinets for years. Light wood species tend to darken as time progresses when exposed to the sun. Dirt is also more visible.

The cost depends on the type of wood chosen. Birch is the cheapest, while oak and cherry are more expensive. Pine and maple are a good compromise.

Stained wood

Once dyed, stained wood may look more expensive. The translucent dyes used to enhance the grain of the wood and offer, depending on the type, a wide variety of looks. Stained wood also requires less maintenance. There are different qualities of dye used to preserve the wood, more or less. It is best, if not already done, to apply a layer of urethane for maximum protection. The price difference is determined by the type and quality of the dye used.

Painted wood

Made of cheaper wood or MDF, these Kitchen Cabinets are ideal for small budgets. They offer a large selection of colors and finishes. The surface of a painted wood cabinet is more fragile and, not to mention, paint scratches more easily. You will reduce the overall costs by painting the cabinets yourself.


Solid, melamine is more design-friendly. It does come in a large selection of colors and finishes, from matt to very glossy. Some melamine cabinets reproduce the varied appearance of several species of wood. It is also easy to maintain.

Variable when considering manufacturing quality and it is generally less durable than wood. To make matters worse, it is almost impossible to repair.

Laminate and thermoplastic

Laminate cabinets are known for their sculpted forms and colors. Made of panels covered with PVC, these cabinets can adopt a multitude of types. More durable than melamine, they are sold at a reasonable cost, in a variety of styles. Their imitation of wood is sometimes striking.

Even though they have plenty of advantages, laminate cabinets are less durable than wood. Also, the white will yellow more quickly than it will on other materials.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel cabinets are used for their modern appearance. Ideal in a contemporary decor, these cabinets offer exceptional durability. They are resistant to corrosion and require little maintenance. Read more at Cabinets City.

Some finishes reveal scratches, and they are among the most expensive cabinets. Their distribution is also more limited than those designed in other materials.