Buying a Mattress is an Investment – 6 Tips to make it Last

Is your mattress showing signs of wear and tear? It’s probably time to buy a new mattress. There are many different mattresses available and which one is best for you will depends on many different factors. A good bed mattress does not come cheap so it’s quite and investment: Not just monetary but your health too – Without a good night’s sleep our physical and mental health can be affected quite substantially. So, once you have laid out your hard earned cash it’s best to look after that investment.

Here’s 6 Tips that will help make your mattress last:

  1. Every Mattress Needs a Good Turn?

Unlike the old days new mattresses are designed to be laid one way up. That means the old practice of turning it over every once in a while is out. However, most manufacturers recommend rotating the mattress every fortnight (top top bottom not turning it over) in the beginning, then every few months after that. Use the straps on the side to rotate. That is what they are there for!

  • Bad Habits

People can be very habitual when it comes to sitting in the same place – Favourite seat, place on the couch etc and that includes the bed! For example, sitting on the edge of the bed in the same place every day to get dressed, tie your shoes, do your makeup etc This can push your mattress out of shape probably much quicker than you think – And the damage is always permanent.

  • It’s Not a Toy!

We all like to let out child side out now and again but it comes to your bed, it’s really not a good idea. Remember it’s for sleeping on and jumping around on it can be a sure fire way to cause permanent damage – particularly on pocket and open spring mattresses. Respect your mattress and it will last a lot longer.

  • Protect Your Investment

Waterproof, washable covers protect your mattress from staining and collecting dirt (staining can actually affect the warranty). Mattress toppers can also provide comfort as well as protection. 

  • Give it a Clean Sweep

A regular vacuum and wash down can go a long way to prolonging the life and “health” of your mattress – Keeping, dust, bed bugs at bay which is essential for people with allergies. If you do have a spill, do not soak the mattress and do not make the bed up again until it is completely dry. This can trap moisture inside and create a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. A great way to reduce odours safely is sprinkle baking soda over the mattress. After about twenty or thirty minutes vacuum it off – simple, safe and effective.

  • Regular Health Checks

Health checks ensure you know when it’s time to buy a new mattress. A good quality frame is a wise investment. Looking after the foundation of your mattress is as important as caring for the mattress. It is also a good idea to rotate a box spring mattress every few months. If it a legs and/or castors frame they may need tightening every six months or so.