5 Ways to Clean Carpet Correctly

Carpet rugs are carpet from Turkey which is quite famous for the quality and selling price of the carpet which is quite expensive. Of course, for the type of carpet that has expensive prices and good quality, of course, the treatment is not just the origin. Maintenance of carpet rugs itself is fairly easy, but should not be originated or careless when cleaning it. If you don’t know the correct way to clean the rug, you better just call the area rug cleaning san Antonio Tx, which they are experts at cleaning the rug.

On this occasion, I will share a little info and tips on how to clean the right carpet rug without having to damage the texture or quality of the carpet material itself.

Tips for Cleaning Carpet Rugs

You can clean the rug carpet with some cleaning tools, here is the full explanation:

  1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner

To clean the dust from the carpet you can use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner. Clean the dust starting from the bottom of the carpet, after the bottom has been cleaned you can continue on the top of the carpet. A little note for you, if there is a tassel on the carpet do not suck it with a vacuum cleaner but just clean it by hand, and set the vacuum suction power with suction power that is not too tight.

  • Using a Soft Bristle Brush

Use of this soft bristle brush to clean difficult particles regardless of the carpet, such as thread or hair. Clean the carpet part of the rug with hair or thread by brushing it using a soft brush, gently brush it with gentle movements. The use of this soft brush has the purpose that the fur on the carpet does not fall out, so it is very dear not if your carpet rug falls out due to wrong brushing.

  • Using Vinegar Liquid

If there are stains that stick and are difficult to clean on the carpet, you can clean the stain by using vinegar. Pour vinegar liquid into a bowl or spray bottle if there is and mix enough warm water. Then dip the soft cloth into the vinegar liquid to taste, and clean it directly on the carpet that is found in the stain by gently rubbing it. If you use a spray bottle, you can directly spray the vinegar liquid with the stain.

  • Using Stain Cleaning Liquid

You can use a special stain cleaning liquid for carpets if the stains on your carpet rug cannot disappear in any way. For this carpet stain cleaning liquid, you can get it at the shop selling carpets that you buy usually they also provide special liquid cleaning carpet stains. Don’t often use this stain cleaning liquid if it’s not needed at all.

  • Using baby powder

The use of baby powder is useful if your carpet is smelly. Sprinkle baby powder on the part of the carpet that smells, then let it sit for one night so that the fragrance of the powder can seep completely into the pores of the carpet. The next day you can clean it using a vacuum cleaner or wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

Those are the five ways you can clean your favorite carpet rug. Considering the selling price of genuine rug carpets that are not so cheap, of course doing maintenance on this carpet is very important and must be done in the right way. Hopefully, these tips and methods are useful.