5 Ways A Mattress Could Be Hurting Your Health

Without proper care and cleaning, you will quickly find that your mattress can actually bring on a list of health problems. Regardless of the time, it takes you to fall asleep; you need to know that your mattress can actually negatively affect your health while you try to get some rest. For your mattress to offer you the best sleep you need to make sure that it is kept clean and bug-free. Proper care for a mattress is important in promoting overall health and wellbeing.

Because a mattress will last for a number of years it will be prone to the accumulation of bugs and dust. These bugs will breed in your mattress and they can have unpleasant effects on your health. We will spend around a third of our life sleeping and if you think that in that time you will be accompanied by uninvited guests you will start to look at mattress cleaning differently. Buying a mattress has never been easier and you can view complete ranges available here but you need to keep it clean. Here are a few of the things brewing in your mattress which can affect your health:

Dust Mites

Dust mites are one of the most common allergy triggers and they can even be found in the cleanest of homes. Adding to this, mattresses are notorious for collecting dust. It is important to note that your ordinary home vacuum cleaner will not get rid of dust mites the same as it rids your house of dust. Dust mites will live in areas which are warm and humid. And this makes your mattress the perfect breeding ground for them. Symptoms of an allergy to dust mites include coughing, itchy skin, red eyes, and a nasal drip. The best way to combat dust mites is through an allergy-free mattress or mattress protector.

Aches and pains

Your very trusted mattress might be comfortable but it might not be supplying you with the firmness needed for a good night’s sleep. Without proper support, your body will be strained and this will leave you feeling sore and stiff. You need to make sure that your mattress still offers you the right support. If you think that your mattress might be a little outdated then you should start looking for a new one.

Fungus and mould infections

Mattresses and bedding are known to harbour several strains of fungi and mould. This is especially true if you are living in a humid environment or you do not have adequate ventilation in your bedroom. When you toss and turn at night these fungal and mould spores are released into your immediate atmosphere. This means that you’ll be inhaling them while you sleep.

Lack of sleep

A lack of sleep can lead to the inability to concentrate at work. If you haven’t replaced your mattress in a few years it might be the leading cause of your sleepless nights. Not sleeping at night because of a worn out mattress will have serious consequences for your health and your work. Make sure that you replace your mattress at regular intervals.