More People are Buying Upcycled Furniture than Ever – Here’s Why

There is no doubt about it more people are upcycling furniture than ever before. It seems no coincidence that during the past few decades people are becoming more and more concerned with environmental issues. Without doubt, the ‘throw away’ society that has evolved since the industrial revolution is becoming a thing of the past. The main problem being we have become too used to mass production which makes things cheaper and so we tend to throw them away much more easily – Literally, without a thought. Upcycling is having a significant effect upon the amount of waste we are creating and this is one of the major reasons why more people are buying upcycled furniture – Taking as many steps as possible to help our struggling environment.

Saving Materials

Using new materials creates more air and water pollution as well as consuming valuable resources this planet is now struggling to provide. Today, designers are leading the way by transforming old furniture and materials that would be have been destined for the landfill – Creating some extremely clever and cool furniture that does not put any more strain on world resources. Additionally, recycling materials is often cheaper than using new ones: Particularly timbers and fabrics. 

Social Changes

Upcycled furniture demands a high level of craftsmanship and this is something that is not seen around today as much as it was in the past. People are tiring of mass produced furniture that all looks the same and are beginning to appreciate the uniqueness of upcycled furniture as well as the craftsmanship it takes to produce it. This marks a social change that means people are starting to appreciate creativity as well as thinking more about the environment.

Supporting Rural Industries

Upcycled furniture is supporting rural communities around the world. Artisans from small communities in India, Mexico and Asia are using traditional craftsmanship to create this furniture and buying upcycled supports those communities.

Feel Good Factor

When people buy upcycled furniture they are not just acquiring a unique and artistic piece of furniture. They are actually doing something good for small communities around the world as well as the planet. This definitely gives them the feel good factor which adds to the pleasure of buying their new furniture.

Nothing Better than Being Unique!

Who does not like to have something unique? Every piece of upcycled furniture is distinctive in some way. Reclaimed vintage timbers are virtually one of a kind and this means each piece of furniture is somewhat exclusive. Additionally, colours and paint are applied by hand which means every stroke has its own individuality.

There is no doubt that more people are buying upcycled furniture than ever before, and unquestionably this is a good thing. If you want to do something good for society and the planet walk on by the mass produced, throw away furniture that has literally plagued our world since it arrived. Buy upcycled furniture and show you care as well as be happy in the fact you are making a difference in this world.